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Queen of Hair

Meet Yvonne


Owner of Y Salon Spa, she's embraced by clients and colleagues from the East coast to the West coast. This 5’2” tall, free-spirited, open-minded fashionista carries over 20 years of overwhelming knowledge, skill, and experience with hair and make-up.


"I am one of the fortunate souls who are able to say that I truly love what I do. There is a passion within me, that drives me, that allows me to transcend into pure bliss when I am transforming a client's hair.  When a client thanks me, reaches out to embrace me, and then returns for my service, to me…there aren’t words that can describe the reward, the love, and the peace I experience in those moments!


This is what drives me. This is the icing on the cake!"

We exist for the purpose of rejuvenating your body and mind, so that you may Relax, Refresh & Re-Imagine, through exceptional care treatments for your hair and body, so that you may look fabulous!

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